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Central Bedfordshire Council

Central Bedfordshire Council is using AI to diagnose and book repair problems reported by tenants. Using a chatbot on their web portal and on Facebook Messenger, tenants can self serve across multiple digital channels. CBC are also being creative with their approach to the housing register and are using AI to triage customers to find them homes more quickly.


London and Quadrant Housing Trust

L&Q Housing Association are being really innovative in the way they are helping tenants to get better support and care. A well planned and executed proof of concept to enable tenants to request callbacks and answer general enquiries through Alexa with an echo placed in communal areas.


Accord Housing Association

Accord have a forward thinking IT team that is really embracing new technology to provide a better service to its customers. The digital transformation is ground breaking and uses a simple, easy to use chatbot interface into some cool AI to diagnose repairs, manage ASB and complaints and accurately respond to tenants' general enquiries. 


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